“Music should strike fire from the heart of man and bring tears from the eyes of woman”

Ludvig von Beethoven

CV. Udayana Indonesia established in 2013 is a company that focuses on ultra high end audio without compromising on quality product. The owner of CV. Udayana Indonesia has a passion in music and truly a music lover. He has more than 15 years of hobby in two way stereo high end audio system.

In order to fulfill the demand from audiophiles in Indonesia and surrounding region, the company carries audio brands that are produced abroad and mainly from Europe and paid attention very closely with deep analysis on each of every product before decided to be a representative for our customers. We concern on PURE ANALOG SOUNDING.

CV Udayana Indonesia is now a trusted distributor/representative for ultra high end analog products and with supported by excellent experienced people in the industry, I am ready to serve audiophiles in Indonesia and surrounding region. Please feel free to contact me and discuss what you need as I will be happy to serve you not only as a customer but also friend.

Last but not least, I would like to thank you to the manufactures that have supplied CV Udayana Indonesia as trusted representative/partner for Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Finally, choosing the right system it is not easy, so we want our clients to have/experience the best sound system in their home. So LISTEN and EXPERIENCED your self. Thank you for visiting us and please enjoy to browse our website in your convinience time.