Natural and Honest

People called ZELLATON loudspeaker is the Bugatti of High End Loudspeaker. By purchasing ZELLATON speaker, you are acquiring a priceless gemstone.  Each driver is built between 4-6 weeks and carefully fine-tuned to meet an exceptional quality standard.  After assembly, the speaker is tested at ZELLATON showroom in Munich for minimum 1 week to pass the stress test, so that the speakers are close to perfection before dispatch. All ZELLATON speakers are totally handmade and take between 4 – 12 months to build 1 pair.

Ultimate Hi End Performance

SCHNERZINGER team has been working for more than three decades on a new method of energy transmission and clearing up interfering fields.  Real music lovers who own a complete SCHNERZINGER gears will definitely forget about technical stuff but more than that, i.e, music will be produced in an authentic way that they never heard before. Rest assured and guaranteed that SCHNERZINGER products will transform and open several level up of any audio systems!

Solutions of Front End Analogue

The Legend has back to offer complete solutions of analogue front end.  For more than 20+ years of research of what is missing in analogue is nearly come to an end.  Acoustical Systems approaches the solution in a unique way with free mind and space, which is open to all possible technical consequences. 

Acoustical Systems will definitely bring the new level of music sound reproduction in a natural authentic way.

Why Choose Us

  • We are the only one in Indonesia to bring and provide best and most exclusive unique ultra high end 2 way stereo audio chanel.
  • Our products are using state of the art most expensive components and the finishing quality is absolutely second to none.
  • We offer an exceptional complete solutions that you need without compromising the quality.
  • We sell pure sound and creating spa of music where money is no object.
  • We guaranteed and rest assured that our system will bring music reproduction closer to the reality.
  • We Choose the Best Among the Top.

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